About Us Peeps

It all started on one of our many island stay-cations, when we came across a business using a DTG (direct to garment) printer on clothing. This thing was so rad, so, I had to learn more. So, you come up with a design and this machine prints it on your garments, using safe water-based inks, I know right, pretty coolio!

I like to be creative and only designing one way wouldn't be my style at all. It would be like a closet with one outfit or a playlist with one genre, um... no thank you. My partner likes to add his design ideas too, which is nice for us to be able to be creative together. Being creative is such a great way to express yourself and it's fun to share the vibe with others.

My partner was born on the island and I came here when I was 9 years old, so I think we're both considered lifers. We have a fur baby who just loves to get out there with us for a hike or walk. Fishing is another hobby we enjoy, my partner ten times more than me, guaranteed.  Any adventure with the people (and fur baby) you love, big or small, is the best! 

Vancouver Island is known for it's stunning views, majestic animals, and it's.....Sasquatches! Elusive, typically, but there's one salty squatch who loves to join in on the fun from time to time, so, keep an eye out for Sam. 

We are just a couple of West Coasters who have explored our island and creative minds to bring ashore some fun apparel and accessories inspired by this "Super Steller" place we call home, THE WEST COAST!